DPL Finals and things I’m embarrassed about…

Tonight, at Da Poetry Lounge we concluded our Slam Series with the DPL Slam Finals…our team will be made tonight and the final 5 poets standing will converge on Cambridge, MA this August to compete in the National Poetry Slam…we will also try to improve on our 4th place finish last year.  Tonight’s competitors are Rudy Francisco, Javon Johnson, Terisa Siagatonu, Fisseha Moges, Imani Cezzane and Trey Bain.  3 Rounds – 3 New Poems – 1 Grand Slam Champion.  Our featured Poet of the evening is the wonderfully amazing, Carrie Rudzinski.  There have been 6 open Slams, 3 Semi Finals Bouts and now, it all culminates with this evening.  Get There Early and Spread The Word as it should be an amazing night…

Now, on to the thing I’m embarrassed about…I went to Home Depot the other day to get new blinds for our bedroom.  I picked up some 36″ width blinds and went home only to find out they needed to be trimmed.  I go back to Home Depot only to see they have the size(35 1/2″) I need and now I no longer needed to have them cut to size.  When, I returned home I realized I didn’t read the blinds were actually cut to 34 1/2″ which means they’re too short.  Now, I have to go back and ask for the blinds I originally bought and returned, only to have them cut to the correct size like I should have done 1st time through.  Embarrassing because I really should’ve read the specs instead of breezing over the specs.  Anyways, I’m off to Home Depot now…and with all the times I’ve mentioned Home Depot you’d think I have a sponsorship with them…I don’t but, who knows what the future holds…

June 11, 2013…The Deciphering Gibberish Release Party in NYC is going down…Venue to be announced but, I guarantee it will be a dope show.  I’m trying to lock down my host and a few performers.  Finals details should be revealed on Friday…either way, lock it in your schedule 6/11/13 DG NYC Release…

I really need to eat some food…so far today I’ve eaten…a bag of Sun Chips and a Hershey’s with Almonds.  Not a good diet by any means.  I’m going to eat a salad.

Yesterday, my wife and I ate at Joe’s Crab Shack which means we spent way to much money for lunch.  But, it was fantastic.

Tax time is so wack…I’m still a believer that if they didn’t help you get the job they shouldn’t make any money off of it.

I’m really just sitting here typing in my green with yellow polka dot drawers.  I hope my in laws don’t walk in.

Today, is also the release of my friend and co-host of DPL Natalie Patterson’s chapbook, Tapas.  Available online at natalieispoetry.com and at DPL.  She’s going to release one new chapbook per month for the remainder of the year.

When are the good movies going to be released?  I’m in need of a good film.

Random Question:  Who uses stereo remotes in the car?  If you’re too lazy to reach and touch the buttons you have a real problem.  Now, if you’re sitting in the back and you’re given the power of controlling the stereo I can understand but, anyone else deserves a punch in the face.

FREE IDEA OF THE MONTH(I only want credit for where the idea came from):  A Coffee Table Picture Book of People Picking Their Noses

That’s all for now…be safe