Starving Beyond Belief…

So, I’m sitting here in my house waiting for my wife to come home so we can go eat lunch together and my stomach is making all sorts of noises(doors opening, floors creaking, air escaping from a balloon, etc.) it’s crazy.  The sad thing is I always get my second choice of eats so, my guess is we’ll be eating Salmon Tacos ant Rubio’s.  And nothing against Rubio’s but, sometimes I want something more filling.  

I’m also going over my Fall Schedule and am looking to fill in a few dates so, any Promoters/Colleges/Universities interested can send an email to me through here or to

Last night, I disconnected the internet while my exchange student EZ was playing Legion of Legends…it was hilarious.  He kept saying he would get banned because he is AFK and since I didn’t know what that meant it made it even funnier.  He was sleeping when I walked in his room and after I said put some shoes on so we can go get something to eat he decided he needed to play his game.  And I don’t play that sh** at all.  He really started playing his game and said to me ‘Give me 20 minutes…’ I was dumbfounded, I didn’t know what else to do but to turn off the internet.  He looked at his computer thinking if he pushed the buttons faster somehow the connection would fix itself.  He’s still learning about me.  I’m about my word.

I’m excited for the Knicks game tonight…

I bought this Tom’s Peppermint toothpaste and about 10 minutes after I brush my teeth the minty fresh is gone.  I drank a glass of water and it washed the freshness away.  What’s up with these natural toothpastes not helping with the problem they’re supposed to be helping with?  Same with the deodorants…if rubbing crystals on my armpits worked things would be different but, it doesn’t work and I’m not sure about anyone who’s had success.  I think I’m going to package pretty rocks in a nice decorative boxes and sell that to people loosing their hair and tell them to soak the rocks in a pancake batter, let it sit over night then, rub gently on head until desired results appear.  Sounds like money in the bank.

So, I think I mentioned we bought these blinds for our bedroom and after paying $140 for them, we decided to get new windows and the new windows are bigger than the blinds we just paid for so we just spent money for no reason.

Also, bought a new trash bin for the kitchen with the sensor to open the lid on it’s own and it’s my new favorite thing.

I’m starting to work on my new project, The Family Album aka More Gibberish…Stay Tuned

Last week, at The Deciphering Gibberish Release Party, Poetri reminded me of a joke I made up years ago and I thought I’d share it with you.

This guy walks into to McDonalds and says ‘Let me get an Egg McMuffin and a White Sandwich.’  The cashier says ‘We don’t sell White Sandwiches.’  And the guy replies ‘That’s alright, I got my green bike outside.’ #DecipheringGibberish

I thought that was hilarious…that was a long time ago.

Talk soon and dont’ forget to pick up Deciphering Gibberish on iTunes and iBooks or at


DPL Finals and things I’m embarrassed about…

Tonight, at Da Poetry Lounge we concluded our Slam Series with the DPL Slam Finals…our team will be made tonight and the final 5 poets standing will converge on Cambridge, MA this August to compete in the National Poetry Slam…we will also try to improve on our 4th place finish last year.  Tonight’s competitors are Rudy Francisco, Javon Johnson, Terisa Siagatonu, Fisseha Moges, Imani Cezzane and Trey Bain.  3 Rounds – 3 New Poems – 1 Grand Slam Champion.  Our featured Poet of the evening is the wonderfully amazing, Carrie Rudzinski.  There have been 6 open Slams, 3 Semi Finals Bouts and now, it all culminates with this evening.  Get There Early and Spread The Word as it should be an amazing night…

Now, on to the thing I’m embarrassed about…I went to Home Depot the other day to get new blinds for our bedroom.  I picked up some 36″ width blinds and went home only to find out they needed to be trimmed.  I go back to Home Depot only to see they have the size(35 1/2″) I need and now I no longer needed to have them cut to size.  When, I returned home I realized I didn’t read the blinds were actually cut to 34 1/2″ which means they’re too short.  Now, I have to go back and ask for the blinds I originally bought and returned, only to have them cut to the correct size like I should have done 1st time through.  Embarrassing because I really should’ve read the specs instead of breezing over the specs.  Anyways, I’m off to Home Depot now…and with all the times I’ve mentioned Home Depot you’d think I have a sponsorship with them…I don’t but, who knows what the future holds…

June 11, 2013…The Deciphering Gibberish Release Party in NYC is going down…Venue to be announced but, I guarantee it will be a dope show.  I’m trying to lock down my host and a few performers.  Finals details should be revealed on Friday…either way, lock it in your schedule 6/11/13 DG NYC Release…

I really need to eat some food…so far today I’ve eaten…a bag of Sun Chips and a Hershey’s with Almonds.  Not a good diet by any means.  I’m going to eat a salad.

Yesterday, my wife and I ate at Joe’s Crab Shack which means we spent way to much money for lunch.  But, it was fantastic.

Tax time is so wack…I’m still a believer that if they didn’t help you get the job they shouldn’t make any money off of it.

I’m really just sitting here typing in my green with yellow polka dot drawers.  I hope my in laws don’t walk in.

Today, is also the release of my friend and co-host of DPL Natalie Patterson’s chapbook, Tapas.  Available online at and at DPL.  She’s going to release one new chapbook per month for the remainder of the year.

When are the good movies going to be released?  I’m in need of a good film.

Random Question:  Who uses stereo remotes in the car?  If you’re too lazy to reach and touch the buttons you have a real problem.  Now, if you’re sitting in the back and you’re given the power of controlling the stereo I can understand but, anyone else deserves a punch in the face.

FREE IDEA OF THE MONTH(I only want credit for where the idea came from):  A Coffee Table Picture Book of People Picking Their Noses

That’s all for now…be safe


The day after…

last night, the Deciphering Gibberish Release Party was amazing…the show of support from friends and family along with folks from the community was definitely overwhelming.  I haven’t had a show in LA in a long time where there were so many emotions going through me.  Watching friends perform my pieces was interesting because how I listened affected how I heard the poems.  Gimel’s interpolation of ‘Wings’ gave me an ‘I wrote that?’ moment, IN-Q telling stories of my competitive nature were funny and his reciting of ‘Flashy Words’ was classic.  Poetri reminding me of an old joke I made up brought back all sorts of memories from early 2000 and reminded me how far we’ve really come.  Natalie’s story of her going from a standing in line attendee of DPL to now, co-hosting it was inspiring.  And Javon, he did a great job hosting.  He didn’t curse up a storm and his story of loyalty was important to hear.  And Kyle’s proclamation that there is ‘no one in the world that he would die for’ but me, was heartfelt and I’m glad he came.  There were so many people who came and supported and I really could write a lot about the evening but, I just want to take the time to thank everyone especially, Trey and Krys, who got there at 6pm to help set up the space for showtime and were there until the night concluded and everything was back the way we found it.  They were so fantastic.  Sometimes, nights like those are necessary not only for the sharing but, in a selfish kind of way to see who has my back.  I’m very big on loyalty and having the people come out who did meant a lot to me.   I almost forgot, I’d like to thank Artshare LA for allowing us to use their incredible space to hold the event.  I hope to work with you again in the near future.


I’m tired so, I’m going to take a nap.  Write soon


Portland, OR

Sitting in my hotel room bored out of my mind about to find a 7-11 or store to buy some snacks.  I got in late last night for a job with adidas.  I can’t get into any details right now but, I’m looking forward to it.  My call time is 5:30pm and until then, I’m supposed too be going over my poem and I’m starting tod rive myself crazy in this room.  But, where else can I talk a louder than normal volume and not be looked at like I’m crazy?  I ate Burgerville for dinner and need some regular non fried food for breakfast/lunch now.

i just got word form a few folks that the download link for the book is glitching so, I’m tying to figure out what’s going on.  But, when I called godaddy to find out I realized they’re having all sorts of hosting issues.  Hopefully, it gets straightened out soon.  If not, I’ll be sending direct links by email to those of you to download.

Anyways, this is a short write up for now gotta get some food and memorize this poem.  Catch you soon.



Monday, April 1st, 2013

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and just thinking about how much work you have to do makes you want to go back to sleep and put it off until later.  But, when you have children you can’t do that.  They have an internal alarm clock that screams ‘Get Up Daddy!!! Get Up Daddy!!!’ and doesn’t let up until you get up.  Today’s feeling like one of those days.  I got up this morning, groggy and not wanting to get out of bed.  I thought about the full schedule I set and second guessed why I did it.  I’m still grateful just tired in anticipation.

6:30am – 6:45am wake up the kids

7:00am make breakfast

7:30am help Lani get here costume together

8:00am take them to school

8:45am Return home and jump in the shower

9:00 – 9:40am Check and send emails

10:00am Haircut

10:45am Take another shower to rinse the hair off

11:00am return phone calls and check emails again

12:00pm Head to Torrance High School to facilitate workshop

2:45 – 3:00pm???  Return home (after hitting traffic)

3:30pm Eat/Rehearse adidas project

5:15pm Start heading out to LAX for flight to Portland(more traffic)

6:30pm Arrive at LAX

7:45pm Take Off

10pm Arrive at PDX

10:01pm Call home to let Elsie know I made it in safely

10:30pm Check In To The Hotel

10:45pm – ?? Rehearse adidas piece

??? Go To Bed

Randomness:  I watched MTV Jams Spring Break something something and Trinidad James performed his song ‘One More Molly’…not only was his performance terrible but, the idea of a mainstream music form constantly pushing drug use is sickening.  I feel old saying that but, to put it in context I don’t drink or smoke…never have.  I never liked the idea of loss of control.  Now, loss of control in a relationship comes along with the territory but, if I can’t take care of myself or am incapacitated in anyway, it doesn’t work for me.  I imagine it being one of those girl fights on World Star where one grabs a hold of the other one’s hair and just yanks her around the room.  I believe the girl being yanked never thought a simple hand wrapped in hair would cause that much awfulness.  The other side IK guess you could argue(if you really wanted to) was how good you feel in the moment, but, in the few videos I’ve seen there doesn’t seem to be much fun in sweating and mumbling.  I could be wrong but, I doubt it.  Anyways, I have to start my schedule off on the right foot so, I’l catch you later.


Heading to the park to play some basketball…

I’m really hoping my lungs don’t explode…it’s been way too loans once I’ve played consistently.  Hopefully, everything goes right. I opened my Bioshock Infinite, it’s a beautiful day outside, I got some good news about work and the whole family is going….what could be better? Oh yeah, the Deciphering Gibberish Release Party April 12, 2013 at ArtshareLA.  Be there.

Up too early…

Normally I’m not one to complain about being up early especially when I have 2 kids(3 if you count my exchange student) that I have to wake up and get ready for school…but, last night, Da Poetry Lounge was exhausting.  I had a great time, but, I was burnt out.  I got there just as things were getting started.  A full night of poetry with no food in your stomach is not cool.  The time of the starving artist is coming to a close and I surely shouldn’t have been that hungry.  Not being a grown up.  I just wanted to post a little something but, I promise to be more on top of my blogging job with this new site.  Enjoy your day and expect another post after I catch up on some rest.


I’m still figuring all of these site features but…

…I wanted to bring things up to speed. It’s March 23, 2013, my daughter’s 11th birthday and the release of my 1st book of poems/memoirs/random stuff and Soundtrack.

Soundtrack? Yes.

I didn’t to just create another album of poems/songs, I wanted to create an album that told a story as much as it created a backdrop to the book.

This is also an evolving project. There will be constant updates to it because ‘nothing is ever really complete.’ And Art is always changing, so, expect some surprises over the rest of the calendar year. By year’s end, ‘Deciphering Gibberish’ may be a completely different project than the one released today…until then, enjoy.