Monday, April 1st, 2013

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and just thinking about how much work you have to do makes you want to go back to sleep and put it off until later.  But, when you have children you can’t do that.  They have an internal alarm clock that screams ‘Get Up Daddy!!! Get Up Daddy!!!’ and doesn’t let up until you get up.  Today’s feeling like one of those days.  I got up this morning, groggy and not wanting to get out of bed.  I thought about the full schedule I set and second guessed why I did it.  I’m still grateful just tired in anticipation.

6:30am – 6:45am wake up the kids

7:00am make breakfast

7:30am help Lani get here costume together

8:00am take them to school

8:45am Return home and jump in the shower

9:00 – 9:40am Check and send emails

10:00am Haircut

10:45am Take another shower to rinse the hair off

11:00am return phone calls and check emails again

12:00pm Head to Torrance High School to facilitate workshop

2:45 – 3:00pm???  Return home (after hitting traffic)

3:30pm Eat/Rehearse adidas project

5:15pm Start heading out to LAX for flight to Portland(more traffic)

6:30pm Arrive at LAX

7:45pm Take Off

10pm Arrive at PDX

10:01pm Call home to let Elsie know I made it in safely

10:30pm Check In To The Hotel

10:45pm – ?? Rehearse adidas piece

??? Go To Bed

Randomness:  I watched MTV Jams Spring Break something something and Trinidad James performed his song ‘One More Molly’…not only was his performance terrible but, the idea of a mainstream music form constantly pushing drug use is sickening.  I feel old saying that but, to put it in context I don’t drink or smoke…never have.  I never liked the idea of loss of control.  Now, loss of control in a relationship comes along with the territory but, if I can’t take care of myself or am incapacitated in anyway, it doesn’t work for me.  I imagine it being one of those girl fights on World Star where one grabs a hold of the other one’s hair and just yanks her around the room.  I believe the girl being yanked never thought a simple hand wrapped in hair would cause that much awfulness.  The other side IK guess you could argue(if you really wanted to) was how good you feel in the moment, but, in the few videos I’ve seen there doesn’t seem to be much fun in sweating and mumbling.  I could be wrong but, I doubt it.  Anyways, I have to start my schedule off on the right foot so, I’l catch you later.


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